What Will People Say

Some say our national pastime is cricket. Not me. It's gossip. People love gossip. It's the biggest thing that keeps many people going. Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude. I do things in life to make myself happy. It's what makes you happy in life, and to pursue it, I think, is brave and a wonderful thing. I don't care what people say. I just want to pursue what makes me happy.

سلسلۂ روز و شب نقش گرِ حادثات

مدینہ کی ریاست بنانے والے رکھ دی تو نے بنیاد کوفہ کی کل تھے کام یزید کے جو آج ہیں مجبوریاں حکمران کی وہ اس دیس میں کہیں انصاف بکتا ہے اس دیس میں کہیں انصاف ٹلتا ہے مجھ کو محصور کیا ہے مری آگاہی نے آئی ہے اُس دیس کے کُوچے سے ہوکر ندا کُچھ اور پر دیکھا کل ماجرا جو کلیجا منہ کو آیا جو ہر دھڑکن ہیجانی تھی، ہر خاموشی طوفانی تھی الٰہی خلقتِ آدم کے ہیجانی ارادے میں محافظ بنا مرا قاتل کہہ کے کے میں دہشتگرد ہوں

The Hotel and the Fig

The Intercontinental Madinah - Dar Al Iman Hotel is ideally located adjacent to the Holy Prophet's Mosque plaza. The hotel is just 20 minutes drive from Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz Airport, Madinah. The Taiba Mall and the Bin Dawood Supermarket are located next to the property. The hotel offers rooms with air conditioning and satellite TV. The King Abdulaziz Library is only a 10-minute walk. All rooms are equipped with minibars, safes and private bathrooms. Some rooms have views of the Holy Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad. Guests can benefit from the convenient 24-hour reception and a laundry service. The Rotana restaurant serves a variety of Arabian and international cuisine.

It’s you vs. you EVERYDAY

News published about two Korean giants planning to invest in the healthcare and fitness industry of Pakistan induced me to an exploration. We live in a society where there exist two sects. One faction abominating exercise, as for them, it is an utter nuisance and involves way too much hard work, while for others it... Continue Reading →

The Pageant Trap

Always wonderful when your efforts are applauded in a honest review!

Life Spent Reading

Title:The Pageant Trap

Author:Usman Aman


Rating:3.5/5 ♦️♦️♦️.5

I received this book as a gift after reading and reviewing the e-book, Rohingya-The Newage Exodus, the author’s second book. Checkout the review for Rohingya on Goodreads.
The Pageant Trap is Usman Aman’s first book. I was glad to receive it. I enjoyed reading Rohingya so this was a welcome addition to my bookshelf. I was intrigued by this one because it deals with human trafficking and how easily unsuspecting foreigners fall prey to it.

The story is about Ryan Abdullah and an international beauty pageant, titled ‘The TransWorld Pageant’, organized by him and the events which follow.

Ryan has managed to gather participants from over forty countries across the world. He is all set to put his plans regarding the international contest into action. However, he seems to be facing difficulties with deciding a suitable venue for his big event.

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Mystical Pakistan

Pakistan may be not much think-able for many travellers due to the severe image created by local and international media, but there is a lot of interest to Visit Pakistan. Pakistan is the real India where everything began, the Indus civilisation, the scripts of Ragveda, The Buddhism and the language Sanskrit were all started here.... Continue Reading →

Thai Airways TG 508 A 330 Business Class!

Recently I had a chance to fly Thai Airways and enjoy some of its premium services, which includes the usage of Thai Airways' flagship Royal Silk business class lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport's Concourse D and a complimentary spa treatment, so without much ado let me begin the review.  Royal Silk Business Class Lounge is clouted in the middle of... Continue Reading →

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